Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unrequested Song

...is the title of a song I wrote some time ago. This morning, strumming through the creation of a set list for tonight's show, it came back and presented itSelf for consideration.

I have not played it in awhile - over a year I bet. So I dusted off its memory and began to play and it all came back pretty easily.

In many ways it never made sense to me, the words. I always liked them, and left them as they were though.

This morning, it made quite a bit of sense...

I'll play it tonight.

Unrequested Song

In the forest, the age-old question. My guitar and my voice are around.
A tree is breaking, a song is making, there's no one here to hear the falling sounds.
And there I found an unknown meter an unheard of sense of rhyme.
Stunning chords and words; like words you know but haven't heard in quite some Time.
I played it there, I sang it there, then I left the sounds alone.
If no one cared, or no one was there, to hear it, then I wonder...
My heart aches to sing it with you, my head: to leave it alone.
I played it once that seemed enough and no one's ever asked. Unrequested song.
I'd bring it here, I'd sing it here, but I left the sounds alone
If someone cares, or goes back there to hear it... I wonder....
My heart aches to sing it with you, my head: to leave it alone
I played it twice just to get it right and no one ever asks. Unrequested song.
copyright 2002 Greg Allen

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