Monday, June 30, 2008

Democrats dot com Disappointment

Just to note...

Today I received an email from Democrats dot com.

First: It asked if Monticello should allow George Bush to speak there on July 4th.

Second: It called him a war criminal, and cited that statement to support their protest.

Third: They are staging a protest at Monticello.

How odd, I thought.

They ask if one of the most basic rights, that of freely addressing the public, should be afforded our President.

I am not even sure how to characterize the "war criminal" thing. Huh? When did that come down? Isn't there something about due process as the basis of taking away a civil right?

What is in that kool-aid over at Democrat dot com Headquarters?

Finally, they are going to go fight the fighter, and try to holler louder and close their ears to "his side" tighter than he closes his to theirs.

I am not defending Bush. I was thinking today if they ever let me play him at chess or cards or something, he might be the only guy I would ever sucker punch - wait 'til he was focused on something, then just haul off and punch the crap out of him. Just because. I mean really, if anyone deserves it, maybe it's him. Maybe. Anyway. That was violent wasn't it? But in a spirit warrior kind of way? Maybe? I mean, who wouldn't have punched Hitler, given the chance? I would've.

Anyway, I already thought the Democrats were a sorry alternative to what we have now - best chance I know, and I am wearing my Mr NOvember shirt with Barrack on it - but jeez, y'all.

What kind of wrong crap is that - denying basic rights and presuming guilt on a non-existent legal charge.

Grow up kids.

No wonder this country is such a freakin' mess.

Go make love kids - go engage each other in the "Joy Loves Company" game.


Best of NOW, Always!

Greg and Alice

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