Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Teachings of Jon

Wow - if you have not seen this film, I highly recommend it. I watched it last night on PBS here in Central Va.

I am going to share some links that just knocked me out - the Greeting and Christmas Cards they have available from their Jon website.

and of course their website


We Are Our Own Saviors

There is a wonderful email story going around about a lady's encounter with homeless folks at a restaurant. For me it is a simple reminder that there are Such Opportunities as This every day.

It is the most incredible experience to Just Do something like this. It's easy to take $5 or $10 or $20 and put it in a special place in one's wallet - always have it handy. And to Declare That It is Intended specifically for an Opportunity such as this. The Opportunity can show up so fast we might miss the first one. But there'll be more if we do - not to worry.

The lady states to the homeless folks she buys breakfast for, when they Thank her, "I did not do this for you. God* is here working through me to give you hope."

Oh My God is that powerful. I tried to speak it last night, imagining I had actually said it to someone that I had actually helped in a similar situation. I could hardly speak it for the tears and the shaking. I am going to work on being able to say something along those lines.

I can hear some folks saying "Oh, how arrogant". It is rather bold in one sense to say "Yo. God chose me to work through and Give you Hope."

But when God in Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God books asks "Are You ready to declare YourSelf a man of God?", this is the very context in which I take the question. Are You ready to live every moment like this lady just did, ready to act and "explain" yourself from the deepest truth you know? That is exactly what she did with her act of Love and when she made that statement from a place of her deepest - and oh so beautiful - truth.

My deepest truth is that God is working through both myself and the homeless folks in that story. (I think she knows this, and just did not word it thus - I am not saying I am better. O'tay? :^)

So I might try to say it more like "God is here working through Us. We are Our Own Saviors; You are Mine, and I Am Yours. Our Relationship In this Beautiful Moment Is Also Our Opportunity To Allow Absolute Love to Shine Into This Place, and Thus Into This World. Bless You, and Thank You."

Or something...

How wonderful I will feel having spoken such a Truth - in a fast food restaurant no less...


This is what I refer to when I say it is so very important to Conceive and State Very Clearly One Simple Thing. Who I Am.

Perhaps many people look at homeless and think "Who I Am Not". It is then easy to step away from those things when they come close to us. This is true about Life in general. The easiest thing to do is to point, point, point at and talk, talk, talk about all the things I Am Not. There's a lifetime worth of them to say no to.

But pinning down that One Grand Thing - The Gift.

Stating it clearly, humbly, and In Every Living Moment.

That's Big. Like quitting smoking, or dieting - only bigger - You feel like You ought to Live Up to It if you're gonna state it. And that is frightening for some reason.

I have known my Gift since childhood. I could tell you stories of why I am only claiming, stating and Living It now. But I won't. They are stories. Memories. Now is Now.

God is at work through Us, dear Friends. We are Our Own Saviors; You are Mine, and I Am Yours. Our Relationships In Every Beautiful Moment Are Also Our Ongoing Opportunities To Allow Absolute Love to Shine Into This Place, and Thus Into This World.

Let's Together Give Ourselves Away**.

Peace, and Thank You, and Dance In the Moment,


* Atheists, as always in my posts, can begin now to substitute the phrase "Big Bang" for the word God. Perspective.

**closing line from my song Story of Our Lies, the

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Faith: Showing What You Know/Don't Know

welcome to the first post in awhile - I plan to post here more frequently as I develop various writing themes. I welcome your comments and feedback, and especially your questions.
I'll expand on ideas such as the Absolute Studio in other posts very soon.
Dance In the Moment,
Greg Allen
Faith is Living One's Life as The Announcement of What One Knows That One Will One Day Know..

A Self-Aware Creator in God's Absolute Studio is a gift to the world.

To declare One's Self as A Creator In God's Absolute Studio is simply to announce the Deeply Known Truth.

Faith is the attitude that allows One to Announce and State The Vision of their Creator Role even prior to their Understanding It, or "Feeling It". Indeed I have come to know This Very Understanding/Experience to be an Evolution, a Process to be Enjoyed throughout My Life.

It does not just happen, and then You go on. It happens, then You and It go on. ;^)

In a Very Real Sense, Life Itself is simply and profoundly The Evolution of The Knowing.

Faith Unfolding Into Knowing is Faith In Action - it's a Life Well Lived and Loved, even before you knew you could do it. Even before it felt acceptable to you.

Eventually the Acceptance, the Knowing, Comes, in an Experience or Moment commonly termed "Enlightenement". Again, this is truly a process, a series of "moments". The beginning of a lifetime of them, strung closer and closer together...

The Noble Experiment is to put Aside Human Hope and Announce Absolute Faith.

The Noble Statement is the Clear Announcement of One's Vision, One's Gift, One's Purpose

The Noble Moment is Every Moment in Which The Stated Vision is Lived, The Stated Gift Given, The Purpose Brought To Life; regardless of the Degree to which One Feels They Know The Truth.