Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On "Getting Through" Life Situations

From Alice the Canine Messiah:

The centering element of Relative Time (a past through a present into a future) is Absolute Time - the Eternal Now moment in which all experience occurs.

That simply means Beginning with and maintaining an attitude of "This, Here, Now is precisely where I want to Be."

When you ask the question "Is it always going to be this way?", it indicates that perhaps - just perhaps - you do not enjoy Being the experiencer of your current This, Here, Now Experience - whatever it may be.

Perhaps you do not perceive this Experience as a Gift of the Universe. one you long ago expressed a Desire to Experience. Many of us do not perceive any, or many, of our LifeTime experiences as Gifts, as Opportunities we have - ahem - Attracted to our Human form...
What, exactly, IS your Time for, when an Experience arrives? To Dance With It, Live It, Be It, Experience It, Run With It - to allow IT to Dance With You, Live Through You, BE through You, Experience You, and Run With You???

Or are you looking for a way to "get through" this Experience that you don't quite understand, that seems painful or unpleasant?

Wishing you peace,


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