Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Babies, Being and Becoming

Alice says babies are a good example of a few things. One, she says, is that they demonstrate the equality of Human Beings. Babies are perfect Human Beings.

Naturally, they have a great deal of Becoming to experience in the Relative Time of from a past, through the present and into the future.

But Now, in every Now encountered, a baby, like each Human, is a perfect example of a Human Being, and a perfect example the diversity of Humans Being.

Alice says that many folks cannot see babies as equal. These folks, she says, also can not "see" an oak tree when they hold an acorn in their hand. It's that kind of seeing she says.

She says babies also show us about Being / Becoming. They are the embodiment of pure Being. They need help - as do we all - to Become. Becoming, Alice says, is like Rowing One's LifeDreamBoat...

She says this has to do with the phrase "Becoming, again, as a child." It's about Becoming from a pure state of Beingness, a childlike state that is fresh in the unfolding Now.

She reminds me that I until I know deeply that This, Here, Now is where I want to Be, I cannot Become the Dreams.

People who have trouble seeing babies as pure essential equals in the highest most glorious ways, have trouble seeing the equality of all mankind.

They miss the fact that, as she puts it:

No One needs help Being, EveryOne needs help Becoming.

When we see them on the level of Being as needing help because they are part of a huge group of "lesser thans", or "other thans", we lose the Human Beingness of our approach, the perspective of basic magnificent equality of all.

Best of Now, Always!

Greg and Alice

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liane said...

So true ALICE AND AN AUTHOUR in Australia discovered they ALL share the same cry language no matter where they are born in the world and many willl and are being born that can heal like jesus thank you for sharing love Liane