Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To See The Worlds with One's Head In the Sand

I was accused yet again of having my head in the sand, and of not being from this planet (true), because I said to someone that the world is Divinely Perfect as This Here Now. She had said that one day we will walk as gods and goddesses, and I said "That's what we are doing Now, awakening into understanding This."

So she came back and got a little condescending about telling me I am dangerously, or harmfully anyway, ignorant and so forth. (It was kind of cool - my little hackles were still dead asleep - they seem to be thinning out...)

Anyway, this morning, whilst shaving my head in the shower, it occurred to me that maybe the way folks could try looking at it is from this perspective: If One can "see a Universe in a grain of Sand", Then imagine what One can see by completely immersing oneself in the Sands of One's Own Life - This Here Now Sand.

You know, walk a mile in 'dem shoes...

Instead of calling me not so nice names and telling me I am dangerously ignorant, right after I addressed you as a god or goddess, divinely perfect right Now.

Who knows. People will do what they do, and I love 'em for it more and more each Now Day, here on A Now Earth.

Best of This Here Now Sand, always,

Greg and Alice

Monday, July 28, 2008

Buddha Molding

Alice and I are sending in a patent application for a Buddher Mold - you know, butter in the shape of a Buddha.

We were cracking up about this one, at the thought of a bunch of deep southern US monks saying "Hey maw, pass the Buddher..."


In the instructions it will emphasize that you MUST grease the inside of the mold before adding the soft butter.

Otherwise, when it hardens, the mold will have trouble letting go.

We crack us up...

Patent Pending - pre-orders being taken.


Fit for a sage...

Okay, enough...


Greg and Alice


When we Ask Questions we receive Verbal Responses.

When we Live Questions we receive Life Answers.

Alice shared that last night as we were preparing for a meeting with some young students later today.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Giving Up Power

We were engaged in a discussion for awhile at the Oprah board about whether or not humans have any personal power.

Alice said last night that any philosophy or religion or spirituality that gives, or takes, away personal power over one's life is like a 12-step program for recovery.

I wondered today what it is so many humans are addicted to and/or trying to recover from by giving away personal power...

Strange, huh?

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice

In the Beginning This, Here, Now.


Best of the Beginning, always,

Greg and Alice, the Canine Messiah

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Linguistic Basis of Human Equality

Wow. There is something quite absolute in our language, and it happens to point to the basic equality of humanity.

The verb "To Be". Conjugate it.

The word "be" is never in the conjugation of course.

And what does it begin with?

The basic creative phrase of the universe...

I Am.

And it equalizes The Universal Creativity inherent in simple Beingness with You Are, He/She/It Is, We Are, You Are, They Are.

Wow. This just hit me this morning. It's important. I know it.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice, the Canine Messiah

Friday, July 4, 2008

Being Floats

At dawn we find Her, floating Her Being gently along the stream of Time.

She is Becoming Every Dream she ever Dreamed.

As She Becomes She Awakens To Dreams She never Dreamed She had been Dreaming.

On She floats, into the sunset of Dreams She has yet to Dream of Dreaming.

We lose sight of Her, and we wonder. We rest, and we Dream of Her.

And at dawn, we find her...


from Alice, the Canine Messiah

Being Becoming

BEING * * * * * * * * * * * * * BECOMING

Absolute * * * * * * * * * * * * * Relative

Now * * * * * * * * * * * * * * from past, thru present, into future

Unity/Unification * * * * * * * * * Duality/Multiplicity

Joy with No Other Side * * * * * * Happy/Sad and all in between

Love with No Other Side * * * * * * Loving/Hating

.... and so forth.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On Enlightenment, Enlightening and Enlightened

Alice points out that the "quest" is not necessarily to attain an enlightened state in which one lives.Life is a process - of Enlightenment and of Enlightening.Enlightenment has to do with sharing the Now space (in which Relative Time unfolds) with, and basking in, the light of other souls.Enlightening has to do with the fact that our souls bring our light into the Now space (in which Relative Time unfolds).


In one sense, there are no enlightened humans*. Only enlightening ones, experiencing enlightenment.

A common spiritual pitfall is to believe that some people are enlightened, and to aspire to one day be like them. Lately, with writers like Tolle, it is kind of sadly humorous, as he is telling these seekers to live Now, not for some imaginary future condition.

This is the mindset that also believes that "I am now awakened and my friends/family/lover/boss/neighbors/countrymen/world citizens are not. What is an enlightened soul to do?"

What you are looking for Gregory is the simple fact that Humans are Equal in the very fact of their Being.

The things perceived and labeled as differences among Human Beings are actually differences in Becoming.

Becoming occurs through the process you know as Relative Time, and naturally all folks are at different points on the "Becoming scale" so to speak. But you are all pure perfect equals at the level of Being.

Until you see that, and look out from this Being space of Pure Equality, you will look "above" you to ones you call enlightened, and "beneath" you to ones you call "lesser than", and you will never experience the simple Joy of This, Here, Now - Being. The Soul's prayer is to Be, it's Dream is to Become.


This has a lot to do with (Grasping At Laws of) Attraction actually... enlightening folks are Attractive to those experiencing enlightenment...It is why we are awakening into This, Here, Now.

Every awakening one of us!!

Peace everyone,

Greg & Alice

*In another sense, the idea of "Being enlightened" simply means a mental "load" has been removed - Life is not perceived as a burden. Life begins to be perceived as an enlightening experience of enlightenment. Thus, in this sense, an enlightened Being is one who proceeds to engage Life from an unburdened mental state. Being unburdened, this Being moves into Becoming, fully - sharing the light and basking in the glow... We are all doing this - sharing our light and basking in the glow of others' light. However, many of us are mentally burdened by our idea of Life - and even our idea of what it means to be "enlightened".
That's a little ironic - that the idea of "losing the burden" becomes a burden to some of us... But hey, that is part of the fun of the Game we signed up for...

On "Getting Through" Life Situations

From Alice the Canine Messiah:

The centering element of Relative Time (a past through a present into a future) is Absolute Time - the Eternal Now moment in which all experience occurs.

That simply means Beginning with and maintaining an attitude of "This, Here, Now is precisely where I want to Be."

When you ask the question "Is it always going to be this way?", it indicates that perhaps - just perhaps - you do not enjoy Being the experiencer of your current This, Here, Now Experience - whatever it may be.

Perhaps you do not perceive this Experience as a Gift of the Universe. one you long ago expressed a Desire to Experience. Many of us do not perceive any, or many, of our LifeTime experiences as Gifts, as Opportunities we have - ahem - Attracted to our Human form...
What, exactly, IS your Time for, when an Experience arrives? To Dance With It, Live It, Be It, Experience It, Run With It - to allow IT to Dance With You, Live Through You, BE through You, Experience You, and Run With You???

Or are you looking for a way to "get through" this Experience that you don't quite understand, that seems painful or unpleasant?

Wishing you peace,


Alexis, Row Your Boat...

Last night was so cool.

Tom Proutt showed up with his electric guitar, Braxton brought percussion equipment, and the three of us played music at Dr. Ho's Humble Pie in North Garden, VA. Great Great Pizza!

A couple and their young daughter Alexis come in and sit at the front table, right in front of us. Alexis was very much enjoying the music, and she made sure we knew that with her applause. We had fun interacting for awhile.

She got a real kick when I spoke of Alice the Canine Messiah, and showed the stickers and t-shirts with Alice's picture - she had seen the back of the van when they pulled in.

Just before they left Alexis showed the paper plate she had been coloring to her mom, and her mom smiled and encouraged Alexis to show it to us. She did. It said "You Rock", with a heart drawn between the two words.

A couple minutes later she came up and held the plate out to me, as a Gift. I took it, and thanked her, and then asked if she would please sign it for us. She did.

I gave her a couple of Alice stickers... She seemed pretty thrilled about that.

And then... I said...

"Alexis, do you know the song Row Your Boat?" She nodded.

Dr. Ho's had about 20 customers, and the place fell strangely quiet.

"Alice showed me that song is true Alexis." I glanced at her parents, a gentle fierce glare suggesting they pay attention. They were. Smiling; gratitude in their eyes.

"You have come to Life with your own little Boat Alexis, perfectly prepared to Row thru the Dream of Your Life." She was really tuned in, eyes locked to mine.

"Row Your Boat Alexis. Gently, merrily, downstream - with the flow Alexis. This is It Alexis. Have fun!"

She smiled. Her folks smiled.

As they got up to leave they all said "Thanks!" and I said "Thank You!" and her dad lost his smile, looked me sternly & gently, in the eye and said "No. I mean Thanks. Thank You."

I think he meant the Row Your Boat discourse...

What a night. I have the best job!


Greg & Alice

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I's, Heres and Knowses

It is I, following my Knows, that I might better Here, Now, Always.

Babies, Being and Becoming

Alice says babies are a good example of a few things. One, she says, is that they demonstrate the equality of Human Beings. Babies are perfect Human Beings.

Naturally, they have a great deal of Becoming to experience in the Relative Time of from a past, through the present and into the future.

But Now, in every Now encountered, a baby, like each Human, is a perfect example of a Human Being, and a perfect example the diversity of Humans Being.

Alice says that many folks cannot see babies as equal. These folks, she says, also can not "see" an oak tree when they hold an acorn in their hand. It's that kind of seeing she says.

She says babies also show us about Being / Becoming. They are the embodiment of pure Being. They need help - as do we all - to Become. Becoming, Alice says, is like Rowing One's LifeDreamBoat...

She says this has to do with the phrase "Becoming, again, as a child." It's about Becoming from a pure state of Beingness, a childlike state that is fresh in the unfolding Now.

She reminds me that I until I know deeply that This, Here, Now is where I want to Be, I cannot Become the Dreams.

People who have trouble seeing babies as pure essential equals in the highest most glorious ways, have trouble seeing the equality of all mankind.

They miss the fact that, as she puts it:

No One needs help Being, EveryOne needs help Becoming.

When we see them on the level of Being as needing help because they are part of a huge group of "lesser thans", or "other thans", we lose the Human Beingness of our approach, the perspective of basic magnificent equality of all.

Best of Now, Always!

Greg and Alice

PS: Don't forget that lots of Alice's wisdom appears on our CD It's Time That Time Was Overthrown. Get your copy today... Thanks!!

Unrequested Song the title of a song I wrote some time ago. This morning, strumming through the creation of a set list for tonight's show, it came back and presented itSelf for consideration.

I have not played it in awhile - over a year I bet. So I dusted off its memory and began to play and it all came back pretty easily.

In many ways it never made sense to me, the words. I always liked them, and left them as they were though.

This morning, it made quite a bit of sense...

I'll play it tonight.

Unrequested Song

In the forest, the age-old question. My guitar and my voice are around.
A tree is breaking, a song is making, there's no one here to hear the falling sounds.
And there I found an unknown meter an unheard of sense of rhyme.
Stunning chords and words; like words you know but haven't heard in quite some Time.
I played it there, I sang it there, then I left the sounds alone.
If no one cared, or no one was there, to hear it, then I wonder...
My heart aches to sing it with you, my head: to leave it alone.
I played it once that seemed enough and no one's ever asked. Unrequested song.
I'd bring it here, I'd sing it here, but I left the sounds alone
If someone cares, or goes back there to hear it... I wonder....
My heart aches to sing it with you, my head: to leave it alone
I played it twice just to get it right and no one ever asks. Unrequested song.
copyright 2002 Greg Allen