Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now Year Resolutions: Attracting and Creating in Real-Time

It's the Time of year when the media is abuzz with talk of Resolutions, which implies that people might be talking about them as well. One can never be certain though, that what is important to the media is important to the people. Anyway...

Most of the media talk we've encountered speaks of New Year Resolutions. New Year's Resolutions are the same Old thing: focus upon traditional ideas of undesirable behaviors - such as smoking - that one is determined to Quit; or undesirable things - such as weight - that must be Lost.

Alice, wise beyond her ears, last night suggested that I consider making Now Year Resoulutions. (There she goes throwing the extra "u" in there again, like she does in the word Absoulute.) Here's some of what she said...

You know how I feel about New things Gregory - they immediately begin to get Old. Stick with Now things. 'Nuff said...
As far as the word Resolution goes, it is directly speaking of re-solving something - coming up with a New solution to a familiar problem. This reflects the traditional human tendency to ignore Life's Opportunities, always unfolding Here Now.
As you know, Gregory, every perceived Problem can also be perceived as an Opportunity. Hence the idea of a Resoulution - a fresh perspective towards Life and it's Opportunities.
We were watching The Secret last night with some friends, and I recall the part where Esther Hicks was talking about "just looking at what is". (Esther appeared in early copies of The Secret.) She pointed out that most people just focus on what is, and so they get more of what is. And then they focus again on what is, and get more of what is.
And you wonder why things never change...
It's like looking down at your feet when you walk, Gregory. Progress this way is very very slow. Your eyes should focus where you want to go, just as you taught young motorcycle riders and racers. Remember Summit Point, where your eyes looked to the Exit of Turn 9 as you were Entering Turn 7?
And so you can move into the idea of Now Year Resoulutions, Gregory - Resoulutions that honor the Human Creative/Attractive Principles and allow you to manifest your Dreams.
It's pretty easy really. I used this approach a year and a half ago, when I chose fresh air over cigarettes. I didn't "quit". I simply choose fresh air these days. "These days" began in June of 2007, and I am pleased that I explored this Opportunity. In a sense, I am pleased that I got "my story" out of the way of "me"...
An interesting shift is that cigarettes were no longer the enemy. Cigarettes were fine with me. I just chose not to smoke one. This one. But when the craving came - that little voice, and that "taste thing" that only a cigarette can satisfy would come along, I would agree with them. I would say - sometimes aloud - "Yup! A cigarette most certainly would taste great right now! I have to agree with you. But I choose fresh air, right Now."
Perhaps when I treat a habit with respect, and don't call it names, it realigns more easily whenever I choose. This would make sense, since it is my habit...

The idea of Now Year Resoulutions also serves as reminder that This Here Now is it! The Good Thing! This Here Now moment is to be regarded with Gratitude, as a reflection of the Joy of Being.

So consider Now Year Resoulutions.

Instead of that same old pledge to "lose weight", Express your intent to Experience the Opportunity of Physical Enlightenment!!

Instead of your umpteenth attempt to "quit smoking", Express your intent to Experience Fresh Air!

Every cloud has a silver lining, and every perceived problem has an Opportunity.

Here Now.


Happy Now Year, always!!!

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Expression of Gratitude

This Time Overthrown thing is frankly about celebrating the situation of Being Human.

It’s about celebrating Humans Being. It’s a beautiful idea when it comes down to it – that Being Human is a Divine form of Existence, which is comprised of Expression and Experience.

It’s a terribly optimistic attitude, worthy of adopting, for the Present Moment, Experienced as it is in human form, is a Gift. It is to be celebrated. This Here Now IS the Good Thing!!

It was a year ago I chose to "give up" spirituality - perhaps "seeking" is a better term... You see, spiritual traditions offer Relative Time - clock Time - as the answer. Time to learn things and add things and become things and on and on and on, and eventually "get There". The good thing is always over There in the future, in Time. Good Time, they even call it. “It’ll get here in its own good time,” they say. “Be patient.” It also has a great deal to do with Them - Their living situation, and how They speak and act.

The Holidays are a great Now Time in which to move beyond this primitive idea of Time as a means to an end. Time is where we have long Dreamed of Being, and Being Here Now, In Time, is a Gift of the Highest Order.

The holidays are a great Time to simply Express, Here Now, the sort of Human Being-ness you'd like to Experience in the world. Share. Be kind. As Alice says, adopt An Absoulute Attitude...

~ I Am with my Fellow Beings as I would have my Fellow Beings Be with Me ~

It’s a wonderful Life Experience for all when we Express our Appreciation thru our very Being, Here Now. It makes for a wonderful Existence.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taught, Learn, Choose

There's a wonderful evolution about the choruses in the Pierce Pettis song Legacy.

The song is about racism, and the first chorus says "What we're taught to believe, we never question these things..."

The second chorus observes that "What we learn to believe, we never question these things..."

And finally, the third chorus: "What we choose to believe, we dare not question these things..."

This evolution directly relates to the chat I have been having with my friend regarding the idea of "Loving What You Hate". She responded to me yesterday by saying that People are taught to hate, and that is what shackles them.

And our point is simply that at some point we are choosing.

To point back to our childhood and blame the teaching for our current behavior is childish, and in my mind rather ridiculous.


I went back and looked at my posts from a year ago - the Holidays 2007. I found that this is about the Time I announced that I was giving up spirituality, and I recalled that this sort of attitude is precisely why. Spirituality likes to focus on That There Then. And on Them. Other.

Spirituality has little regard for its own obvious teaching that This Here Now is all there is, and that Life is a journey of Self. In deepest truth, there is no Other.

There is simply The One Thing going on, and on and on and on....

And we are blessed to Be, Here Now.

And we should act like it.


Dance In the Moment...

Happy Holidays!!

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

Monday, December 22, 2008

Assuming Form Empowers Divinity

As a followup, we have been dialoguing with the friend that sent the "Love What You Hate" thing, and she has been pretty adamant defending her right to choose to hate first, and then love it. Of course we never argued against her right to do so. We just offered a choice.

She basically cites her "inherent human weakness" - the idea that humans are flawed, and oh so challenged and disempowered and so forth. The idea that we tend towards hatred and the negative, and we must struggle to overcome ourselves.

Alice has pointed out before that the very act of Being, of assuming human form, does not hinder divinity. Indeed, taking form is the only manner in which "What Is" is empowered to do, or be, anything.

The only way One can Express or Experience (which are the two constituents of Existence) is in some form of form.

You can't take flight without taking form, points out What Would Dog Do?: the Canine Messiah's Handbook.


Ultimately it's all good of course, but it is rather sad-funny that so many spiritual paths lead round and round and back again to the same old grim dim outlook of humanity - that we are flawed, that we must struggle and struggle to get to the Good Thing, and it is never assured.

The idea of being doomed to a life of hateful things and situations that one must learn to love hardly seems spiritual to me these days. It seems anti-spiritual somehow.

I'm reminded that it was the Walsch Messenger's Circle board that first prompted Alice to show me The One Exercise and introduce me to The Now Exspirientuality.


Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice, the Canine Messiah

Instant Here and Now

An online friend I met thru Neale Donald Walsch's "Messengers Circle" last year sent an email a few days ago, forwarding a spiritual sort of thing she had received. I guess it came in the spirit of the holidays, which I must say seems more and more odd to me these days...

The writing was about "Loving What You Hate", and offered this as a method of "transformation". In fact, it claims that loving what you hate is the great transformer.

I read it a time or two, noting peculiarities such as the idea that love is the best tool available to "combat hatred".

I noted that it says hatred is very hard to overcome because it reinforces itself. This appears from the writer's view to be an advantage that hatred has over love.

Alice and I got together and responded to our friend:

Hi T,

Happy Holidays - hope you and yours are doing well!

You know, we are advocates of the idea that It's Time That Time Was Overthrown. Time is never going to get us to the good thing...

Loving what one hates seems a "long-way around" sort of idea to us these days, for it simply gives Life and longevity to the idea of hatred. It adds more Time in order for the Good Thing to arrive. It states once again that This Here Now is not the good thing - it's less than acceptable.

"Thanks God, but No Thanks! I hate This Here Now crap, God. How dare you. But (sigh...) okay. I'll pretend to act as though I 'love' this thing I hate."

By simply adopting what Alice the Canine Messiah calls An Absoulute Attitude we move into the Joy of Being, akin to that elusive "peace that passes all understanding"...

By choosing to See One Thing we move beyond the possibility of hatred, Here Now. Instantly. No Time, nor transformation, needed.

You see T, folks like to believe that Time is going to eventually get them to the Good Thing. They like to believe that This Here Now sucks, and eventually, in Time, we'll get to the Good Thing of which we Dream.

But This Here Now is precisely where we have long Dreamed of Being. Being, Here Now, is the original Dream Come True.

And Here Now, in Time, we can Experience and Express Becoming Dreams.

This is how we Experience it, these days.

We wish you Peace.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah


Friday, December 19, 2008

The 2009 Time Overthrown / Audience Inclusion Tour

Alice and I are finishing up the first book in the Conversations with Dog series, and are beginning to plan a 2009 Time Overthrown / Audience Inclusion Tour to promote the book and the CD.

As Do-ru's* we'll of course be promoting ideas like Time Overthrown, Audience Inclusion and The Now Exspirientuality in Real-Time, as we go. We'll also be sure to share Alice's One Exercise for the benefit of those interested.

Our visit to each new town will involve three aspects of what we do as Do-ru's...

1 - A SongSharing On Tour Audience Inclusion musical performance at a Community Venue such as a senior home, facility for developmentally disabled, or a hospital.

2 - A Time Overthrown / Now Exspirientuality Presentation in an intimate setting such as a spiritual bookstore, coffee shop, yoga studio or the like. 70 - 90 minutes, a mix of presentation, performance and questions

3 - A House Concert and/or an Acoustic Venue or Festival Performance.

It would be great to hear from any of you regarding places that we could potentially schedule any or all of these events in your area. Leads on spiritual/new age bookstores, studios and other gathering places is helpful - especially if you are connected with them somehow.

We're far better at finding and setting up the Community Venue shows than we are at arranging House Concerts and public venue gigs - so this is where your help is especially important, as it helps us cover costs and pay the bills!!

Questions welcome!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah


* Do-ru's live the lyrics.

This Is It

This is it.

We can’t be more sincere.

This Here Now is The Now Exspirientuality - you are indeed having the spiritual experience right now. You are in the presence of God, so to speak.

The Old Man is looking out thru every set of eyes you encounter, with a smile and a wink. It’s all good.

That’s a funny thing to consider, for yesterday's experience had a decidedly “Old Man” sense to it. I used to work with a baker in a restaurant whose nickname was the Old Man. He was such a presence. It’s an experience I am long familiar with, of being watched. I know it now as Jewel describes it when she sings “God is watching us… from a distance.” It’s a gentle watching – detached but not disinterested; accepting; allowing.

But I wonder why, for me, it seemed yesterday a masculine sort of presence, instead of simply a presence…

Now, to be clear, yesterday was an experience while I was alone, in the van.

It must be attributed - something I attribute. I can see that I ascribe these traits – even to the canines, and imagine the girls to be girly

And so it is simply the yin and yang of The Now Exspirientuality – that it will have dualistic qualities in the Experiential / Expressive plane of Existence. And sometimes they have the grandpa feel, and sometimes the grandma...


This is it.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice, the Canine Messiah

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Book Focus


Alice and I are closing in on the publication of our first book on the subject of The Now Exspirientuality and The One Exercise. We plan to get material to the online publisher by the 21st.

We're also beginning to schedule a winter/spring Time Overthrown / Audience Inclusion Tour to promote the book and the CD, The Now Exspirientuality and Audience Inclusion.

We've had a great deal of interest from folks posting at various forums, and we look forward to continued interaction with them!

Best of Now, always,

Greg & Alice the Canine Messiah