Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alexis, Row Your Boat...

Last night was so cool.

Tom Proutt showed up with his electric guitar, Braxton brought percussion equipment, and the three of us played music at Dr. Ho's Humble Pie in North Garden, VA. Great Great Pizza!

A couple and their young daughter Alexis come in and sit at the front table, right in front of us. Alexis was very much enjoying the music, and she made sure we knew that with her applause. We had fun interacting for awhile.

She got a real kick when I spoke of Alice the Canine Messiah, and showed the stickers and t-shirts with Alice's picture - she had seen the back of the van when they pulled in.

Just before they left Alexis showed the paper plate she had been coloring to her mom, and her mom smiled and encouraged Alexis to show it to us. She did. It said "You Rock", with a heart drawn between the two words.

A couple minutes later she came up and held the plate out to me, as a Gift. I took it, and thanked her, and then asked if she would please sign it for us. She did.

I gave her a couple of Alice stickers... She seemed pretty thrilled about that.

And then... I said...

"Alexis, do you know the song Row Your Boat?" She nodded.

Dr. Ho's had about 20 customers, and the place fell strangely quiet.

"Alice showed me that song is true Alexis." I glanced at her parents, a gentle fierce glare suggesting they pay attention. They were. Smiling; gratitude in their eyes.

"You have come to Life with your own little Boat Alexis, perfectly prepared to Row thru the Dream of Your Life." She was really tuned in, eyes locked to mine.

"Row Your Boat Alexis. Gently, merrily, downstream - with the flow Alexis. This is It Alexis. Have fun!"

She smiled. Her folks smiled.

As they got up to leave they all said "Thanks!" and I said "Thank You!" and her dad lost his smile, looked me sternly & gently, in the eye and said "No. I mean Thanks. Thank You."

I think he meant the Row Your Boat discourse...

What a night. I have the best job!


Greg & Alice

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