Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On Enlightenment, Enlightening and Enlightened

Alice points out that the "quest" is not necessarily to attain an enlightened state in which one lives.Life is a process - of Enlightenment and of Enlightening.Enlightenment has to do with sharing the Now space (in which Relative Time unfolds) with, and basking in, the light of other souls.Enlightening has to do with the fact that our souls bring our light into the Now space (in which Relative Time unfolds).


In one sense, there are no enlightened humans*. Only enlightening ones, experiencing enlightenment.

A common spiritual pitfall is to believe that some people are enlightened, and to aspire to one day be like them. Lately, with writers like Tolle, it is kind of sadly humorous, as he is telling these seekers to live Now, not for some imaginary future condition.

This is the mindset that also believes that "I am now awakened and my friends/family/lover/boss/neighbors/countrymen/world citizens are not. What is an enlightened soul to do?"

What you are looking for Gregory is the simple fact that Humans are Equal in the very fact of their Being.

The things perceived and labeled as differences among Human Beings are actually differences in Becoming.

Becoming occurs through the process you know as Relative Time, and naturally all folks are at different points on the "Becoming scale" so to speak. But you are all pure perfect equals at the level of Being.

Until you see that, and look out from this Being space of Pure Equality, you will look "above" you to ones you call enlightened, and "beneath" you to ones you call "lesser than", and you will never experience the simple Joy of This, Here, Now - Being. The Soul's prayer is to Be, it's Dream is to Become.


This has a lot to do with (Grasping At Laws of) Attraction actually... enlightening folks are Attractive to those experiencing enlightenment...It is why we are awakening into This, Here, Now.

Every awakening one of us!!

Peace everyone,

Greg & Alice

*In another sense, the idea of "Being enlightened" simply means a mental "load" has been removed - Life is not perceived as a burden. Life begins to be perceived as an enlightening experience of enlightenment. Thus, in this sense, an enlightened Being is one who proceeds to engage Life from an unburdened mental state. Being unburdened, this Being moves into Becoming, fully - sharing the light and basking in the glow... We are all doing this - sharing our light and basking in the glow of others' light. However, many of us are mentally burdened by our idea of Life - and even our idea of what it means to be "enlightened".
That's a little ironic - that the idea of "losing the burden" becomes a burden to some of us... But hey, that is part of the fun of the Game we signed up for...

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