Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To See The Worlds with One's Head In the Sand

I was accused yet again of having my head in the sand, and of not being from this planet (true), because I said to someone that the world is Divinely Perfect as This Here Now. She had said that one day we will walk as gods and goddesses, and I said "That's what we are doing Now, awakening into understanding This."

So she came back and got a little condescending about telling me I am dangerously, or harmfully anyway, ignorant and so forth. (It was kind of cool - my little hackles were still dead asleep - they seem to be thinning out...)

Anyway, this morning, whilst shaving my head in the shower, it occurred to me that maybe the way folks could try looking at it is from this perspective: If One can "see a Universe in a grain of Sand", Then imagine what One can see by completely immersing oneself in the Sands of One's Own Life - This Here Now Sand.

You know, walk a mile in 'dem shoes...

Instead of calling me not so nice names and telling me I am dangerously ignorant, right after I addressed you as a god or goddess, divinely perfect right Now.

Who knows. People will do what they do, and I love 'em for it more and more each Now Day, here on A Now Earth.

Best of This Here Now Sand, always,

Greg and Alice

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