Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quitting Spirituality

I don't make New Year's Resoulutions - haven't in quite a number of years. Generally speaking when I've resolved to change something about Life, I don't need it to coincide with the calendar. Nor should the calendar call for making up resoulutions that have not come about of their own volition.
Occassionally, however, resoulutions do come along right about New Year time, and this is one of those coincidences. Do with that what you will.

I'm giving up Spirituality. For good.
Spirituality, from what I can tell, has come to be very Other-oriented, like Religion. The insights given to modern spiritual leaders are like those given to religious figures of old: they are insights for and about others, for and about the world. They carry promise of a better future for all if their messages are heeded by those Other than The Messenger. They are very special messages from the Grand Self to a Very Special Leader who can now help Others change, and thus change the world.

I'm giving it up.

I resolved this awhile ago actually, I thought. My recent experience with the New Spirituality movement has simply proven to be my final reminder of the effects of Other-based paths. I am indeed grateful to their leader, Neale Walsch, for the fine books he has written, and thank him and his followers for this final empowering reminder.

Insights of Self, however, are the ones I am going to focus on going forward. In the beginning was the Self, and looking about it said "I Am". That Self.
Self-based ideas - Insights from the Grand Self to the Grand Self about the Grand Self and for the Grand Self.

Of course this is exactly what has gone on for centuries in the history of "man's communication with" god or great spirit or whomever. As manifestations of Grand Self our deepest insights are simply of Grand Self. They "come from" Grand Self and are perceived by a particular human manifestation of Grand Self.
No big deal, and flat stunning, all at once.

It is quite enjoyable to share our various insights with one AnOther. Indeed quite often just when we need a particular Insight in Life we encounter that very Insight in the form of someone else sharing theirs, perhaps in a poem, a song, or a sermon. However, it is not necessarily true that anyone routinely receives Insights that are Abslutely Applicable. The Grand Self does not convey messages to the Grand Self about The Grand Other.
There is no Grand Other. Spiritual Leaders should know that, as should their followers.

Actually, there should be no followers...

I'm Quitting Spirituality.

I'm going to keep up these deep Conversations with Alice though... she has great messages for Self!

Happy New Year y'all!!

Greg Allen, with Alice the cookie monster


Tiers-of-light said...

Hi Greg - Happy New Year to you and Alice!

Thank you for your beautiful post! I couldn't help smiling as I read it. Everything you have expressed here, I too have felt, with regards to spirituality being consciously projected out into the world.

I must have spent the best part of a year switching back and forth between various modes of being and doing, as if seeking a sense of inner harmony or rightness. The most common persuasion 'to act', that I heard from some spiritual groups, seemed to derive from a sense of obligation, as if one level of being or attainment was somehow better or preferential than another. That to allow and accept diversity, in all of its grand expression, was perhaps not in the interests of an enlightened species.

I just couldn't understand how God could be divided into 'this, but not that', even in a process of conscious evolution or re-creation. As challenging as it might appear to the human mind, how could divinity be anywhere or anything, unless all of it, all of the time?

Like you, perhaps, I have come to realise that to have moved through a process of trying to define or consciously express spirituality into the world, has taken me into a profound experience of inner truth and empowerment. Insights - divine fruits of compassion.

(Tongue in cheek... I agree, there should be no followers... Still, I am enjoying your blog, Greg and Alice!)

With love.

I am that I am said...

"The Grand Self does not convey messages to the Grand Self about The Grand Other.
There is no Grand Other."

By your own admission there is NO Grand Other.

So then, would you agree that the message from the spirituality movement is nothing more than the Grand Self reminding the Grand Self about the Grand Self.

You would probably counter by saying, such a "reminder" shouldn't be necessary.

And I would say, perhaps it's not.

But, perhaps, we're just too stubborn to admit that we already know what the Grand Self knows about the Grand Self.

Here, in appears, that our ignorance is Self-imposed, or you wouldn't have needed the "spirituality movement" in the first place to embrace the Grand Self and to enjoy the luxury of now denouncing it.

By the way, God's complete name is:

I am That I am.

Greg Allen said...

Greetings I Am That I Am,

This is cool.

God has posted a comment at my humble blog! ;^)

I enjoyed the dream last night as well...

Of course it is Self informing Self.

Thanks so much for posting!!

Dance In the Moment,

greg and alice