Saturday, December 15, 2007

What The Messenger Knows about Me

"Greg, I was just looking at the forum, 10 posts 5 are yours. That is my definition of monopolizing. I have had no more complaints, Now I am pointing it out. So be aware and stop that.
I am sure that's not who you are."

That's the text of an email I received from the nice folks at the Neale Donald Walsch website. Neale is a self-proclaimed spiritual guru who wrote some books about a series of long chats he had with god.

I have said for awhile now that anything labeled "New" begins getting "Old" immediately. Remember how quickly the glitz wore off the new toy when you were young? I have discovered this also applies to things like Spirituality, and "new" ideas about a very old word like "god".

I am quite certain that indeed The Grand Self of the Universe communicates with the Neale Donald Walsch Self of the Universe.

As The Grand Self has done with every incarnation of ItSelf.

The Grand Self shares messages FROM The Self, TO The Self, ABOUT The Self, and FOR The Self.

In many traditions, somewhere along the line, this message from Grand Self becomes about Other and for Other, and suddenly the Messenger becomes convinced that he/she is the Grand Interpreter of this Self-message-for-Other. This sort of attitude would indeed allow a spiritual organization to say:

"I am sure that's not who you are."

Eerie. Funny. Sad at times.

All good.

It's a great role and I applaud these Messengers. Many times in my months at Neale's forum - I have now instructed them to cancel me after receiving the above email with vague personal guidelines for how NOT to post - I have sensed that many of Neale's "messengers" (the people who pay to be in the forum) are asking for clarification of the message of Self Realization, and Self Awareness, but they keep being pointed to the condition of Other in the world as the true basis for any meaningful spirituality and/or eventual action and/or assessment of their own Life.*



Not seemingly New to me, although Neale calls his movement The New Spirituality, and his followers defend that term staunchly.

I met Neale at a seminar, and very much enjoyed the seminar, the exchanges, and my time chatting with Neale briefly. His intentions are good, and I hold no ill will for the manner in which his forum admins. do their job.

Note that, in the spirit of transparency and acceptance and open expression of the Self/spirit there are no stated rules for Neale's forum, and no guidelines for posting.

Nothing. So I did find it interesting to be told I am posting "too much", while not being given an indication of what "just so" would be. I have asked, in writing, before, for clarification and received none.

Anyway - check it out. NealeDonaldWalsch dot com, and join the Messenger's Circle. I encourage you to get involved and I'd love to know if you sense the same atmosphere of "God gave me a message for you" that I have sensed. Going in I thought Neale celebrated and recognized us all as Messengers; even the spoken intro by Ed Asner indicates there is no person or time more special than any Other (there's that word again) ...

Suddenly it seems that maybe Neale is the Messenger, and we should gather 'round to be given the truth about who we are... sp-o-o-o-o-kyyy....

Sounds like a journey of Other Awareness, Other Realization.

Which is cool - eventually one realizes it is Self, and there is no Other. Take the long way home...
I love the following quote. It was staring me in the face at a gallery last night where my friends blue stone sky performed. In hindsight it was like an omen for the email I would get today. I had posted the qupote at the Messenger's Circle last night. It was part of the "too much" for them... no kidding! ;0)

I have been struggling to clarify this idea that losing sight of Other is a good thing, One that frees Humanity's Grand Self to full expression. This nails it...

"and finally she came to a place
where the other no longer mattered.
where Grace lit up the room.
lighting her candle from that
sacred flame -
she went out to warm the world."

from Terri @ Bonesigh Arts

Dance In the Moment,

greg and alice

* Notably this Life assessment is in terms of a flawed past and anticipated grand future. This sort of Time based assessment is generally done under the able guidance of their guru who has shown them that there truly is only the Now moment. Yup.


Tiers-of-light said...

Greetings, Greg and Alice! I love your authentic expression!

I have been following various forums and the work of self-proclaimed gurus, observing the dynamics of energy at play. Part of me sees the perfection as consciousness grows through such experiences and I also get a glimpse of the absolute. I can see how the experience of entering into various cults and belief structures about God can become so utterly tantalising. There is always the promise that just this 'one' can create a world of difference. Inevitably an organisation tries to establish (hold on) to an identity for itself (usually at the exclusion of others) and begins to disappear, the mirage it is. Until such time however, it will feed the needs of many.

In respect of NDW, the following site may interest you. It brought me clarity as to why certain traits may be in place:

Without the need to be seen as more than or superior to (which stems from a core root of shame), consciousness is free to move beyond competition and into experiential co-operation and unity.

Greg Allen said...


Thank you for the wonderful post and the insights you shared. We'll visit the website you linked us to as well. (Off to do some SongSharing just now.)

We really like your handle as well: tiers-of-light! Beautiful imagery!

Thank you again for visiting and commenting and please spread the word of the blog as you see fit!

Dance In the Moment,

alice and greg