Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life is Bigger

"death of this physical life is actually the greatest thing that ever happens to us" (since we are being freed from this bondage of our physical body).

That's a quote from an arguably wonderful book called Conversations with God (CwG) by Neale Donald Walsch.

Physical Death is the greatest aspect of Physical Life, it seems to say.

THAT is an interesting statement, linguistically and conceptually.

Is CwG promoting yet another spiritually based idea that "Later" is the Goal, far superior to Now; that Physical Death is Far Superior to Physical Life...???

This would seem an interesting twist on what is purported to be the refreshingly new spiritual message of the CwG series, and its offshoot called The New Spirituality. This "new" spirituality indeed seems to have many direct parallels with, and apparent carryovers from, traditional religions and belief systems.

Indeed, even Jesus tried to show us that Death is preferable, didn't he? Not to be feared. Ugh! Did we miss his message again? Follow me, get dead.

Truthfully, given the opportunity to stick around and Live or accept Death on a cross, all accounts tell us Jesus did indeed choose Death. Hmmm....

What are we doing staying alive?

Was Jesus' message after all that Physical Death is Preferable to Physical Life - and has CwG provided insight into this stunning new truth?

We don't think so. It's deeper than that.

Dance In the Living Moment,

alice and greg

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