Thursday, December 13, 2007

Up to Know Good

It's written on your feet.
Your Achilles Heel is a tendency
To Dream.
You've known that from the beginning.
You didn't have to go so far.
You didn't have to go.**

The idea that we absolutely MUST experience really lousy stuff in order to know what "not lousy" stuff is, is a wonderful "alibi", a basis for all sorts of horrible human behaviors and excuses to justify them.

We find it interesting that spiritual leaders and their followers are convinced of and propagate this outdated and arguably harmful idea.

It is a human idea of Relativity, a Relative Idea of Relativity.

It is not an acceptable idea to us any longer, although we enjoyed that movie for years...

As manifestations of the Absolute, humans "know", and have been privileged with glimpses of "it all".

We know Love, or we would not long to return to it.

We are Love. (With the glorious ability to pretend we are not, and make excuses for it.)

Relativity is an Absolute concept, in which there are no "lousy" experiences.

Only Grand and Grander.

Dance In the Moment,

alice and greg

** lyrics from All the Way to Reno from REM's Reveal CD.

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