Friday, January 4, 2008

Get Well Now Stephen Stills!

Sending out huge positive vibes in the direction of Mr. Stephen Stills, who underwent surgery for prostate cancer yesterday.

Initial reports are that surgery went well, he is doing fine and should already be at home as I write this.

Dance In the Moment,

alice and greg allen


Marceau said...

Received "SongSharing Studio Series" Volume I tales of the uneasy writer on 12/31/07.

Just in time to listen to it on New Years Day.

Rather enjoy tracks 6 & 7.

This Musical CD is very professionally done. Such a nice gift. Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing more from you. You have got me thinking more about SongSharing. Maybe I will be able to contribute to this with my own music in the near future.

Much Appreciated
Thank You


Greg Allen said...

Would love to hear some of your music Marceau!

Enjoy the CD my friend!



Sophia said...

Hi Greg,

I checked out some of your music. Your "eclectoplasmacoustic" sound is indeed very unique. I was quite pleased with your voice and found it very soothing. I wish you much success on the SoundSharing project!

Tell Alice I said hello!