Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Solstice of The Self

Enjoy the Day y'all!

...and Remember, It's About Self.

That has always been The Grand Message.

May the Light of the Season Shine Thru Year 'Round...

Dance In the Moment,

alice & greg

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Anonymous said...


Finally found some "time" away from the forum and developing my computer system to respond on your blog.

I think your blog is a great idea.
It gives one a place to come to in case one is pushed off the forum.
A possible COMMUNITY.

Currently Neale has said that no one is being "withheld" from his forum. Maybe not, but what of the ones who have been "removed"? Speaking for myself, I had been asked to leave when the forum was the blog a little over a year ago. For pretty much the same given reason you were asked to leave.

I re-subscribed when I was offered the original subscription price that I had started with and that was promised wouldn't go up in price. I will continue to subscribe as long as the subscription price remains the same and doesn't go up.

I know some have left the forum that were not asked to leave, but just unsubscribed on their own volition.

My posting here may not necessarily be an expression of the absolute, but I do believe truth can be found in the relative as well.

Maybe it is an individual expression of the absolute. I don't always feel aware of the absolute, but believe we all reside there.

Thanks for providing this blog, Greg. I have the feeling it may be a "home away from "home".

Love and Peace