Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Thinking's For

There is only The Self.

If you look out and see Other than Self, look again.

Spiritual folks seem to get hung up with this idea, afraid that it takes them into a highly egotistical realm of "this is about me, john doe, and nobody else".

Quite the opposite. It destroys the basis of the Relative Ego and opens the possibility for the Absolute Ego to be expressed and experienced.

The Grand Self manifests in every imaginable way, and in many we cannot imagine.

Knowing this, we look out and are aware of countless aspects of The Grand Self.

Our Self Awareness is also an aspect of The Grand Self, and we give it a name like alice or greg allen.

Deeply we know that all we are aware of is The Grand Self.

And then comes the question "So you think this is all you? You do not think that I am even here as a unique personality called jane doe? How egotistical of you."

And we say "You and I are one, jane doe. That much we know. But... Do we think you are Other than Us? Even though we know we are One, do we think that you are Other than alice and greg?"

"Of course we do. That's what thinking is for."

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