Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taught, Learn, Choose

There's a wonderful evolution about the choruses in the Pierce Pettis song Legacy.

The song is about racism, and the first chorus says "What we're taught to believe, we never question these things..."

The second chorus observes that "What we learn to believe, we never question these things..."

And finally, the third chorus: "What we choose to believe, we dare not question these things..."

This evolution directly relates to the chat I have been having with my friend regarding the idea of "Loving What You Hate". She responded to me yesterday by saying that People are taught to hate, and that is what shackles them.

And our point is simply that at some point we are choosing.

To point back to our childhood and blame the teaching for our current behavior is childish, and in my mind rather ridiculous.


I went back and looked at my posts from a year ago - the Holidays 2007. I found that this is about the Time I announced that I was giving up spirituality, and I recalled that this sort of attitude is precisely why. Spirituality likes to focus on That There Then. And on Them. Other.

Spirituality has little regard for its own obvious teaching that This Here Now is all there is, and that Life is a journey of Self. In deepest truth, there is no Other.

There is simply The One Thing going on, and on and on and on....

And we are blessed to Be, Here Now.

And we should act like it.


Dance In the Moment...

Happy Holidays!!

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

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