Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Expression of Gratitude

This Time Overthrown thing is frankly about celebrating the situation of Being Human.

It’s about celebrating Humans Being. It’s a beautiful idea when it comes down to it – that Being Human is a Divine form of Existence, which is comprised of Expression and Experience.

It’s a terribly optimistic attitude, worthy of adopting, for the Present Moment, Experienced as it is in human form, is a Gift. It is to be celebrated. This Here Now IS the Good Thing!!

It was a year ago I chose to "give up" spirituality - perhaps "seeking" is a better term... You see, spiritual traditions offer Relative Time - clock Time - as the answer. Time to learn things and add things and become things and on and on and on, and eventually "get There". The good thing is always over There in the future, in Time. Good Time, they even call it. “It’ll get here in its own good time,” they say. “Be patient.” It also has a great deal to do with Them - Their living situation, and how They speak and act.

The Holidays are a great Now Time in which to move beyond this primitive idea of Time as a means to an end. Time is where we have long Dreamed of Being, and Being Here Now, In Time, is a Gift of the Highest Order.

The holidays are a great Time to simply Express, Here Now, the sort of Human Being-ness you'd like to Experience in the world. Share. Be kind. As Alice says, adopt An Absoulute Attitude...

~ I Am with my Fellow Beings as I would have my Fellow Beings Be with Me ~

It’s a wonderful Life Experience for all when we Express our Appreciation thru our very Being, Here Now. It makes for a wonderful Existence.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

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