Monday, December 22, 2008

Assuming Form Empowers Divinity

As a followup, we have been dialoguing with the friend that sent the "Love What You Hate" thing, and she has been pretty adamant defending her right to choose to hate first, and then love it. Of course we never argued against her right to do so. We just offered a choice.

She basically cites her "inherent human weakness" - the idea that humans are flawed, and oh so challenged and disempowered and so forth. The idea that we tend towards hatred and the negative, and we must struggle to overcome ourselves.

Alice has pointed out before that the very act of Being, of assuming human form, does not hinder divinity. Indeed, taking form is the only manner in which "What Is" is empowered to do, or be, anything.

The only way One can Express or Experience (which are the two constituents of Existence) is in some form of form.

You can't take flight without taking form, points out What Would Dog Do?: the Canine Messiah's Handbook.


Ultimately it's all good of course, but it is rather sad-funny that so many spiritual paths lead round and round and back again to the same old grim dim outlook of humanity - that we are flawed, that we must struggle and struggle to get to the Good Thing, and it is never assured.

The idea of being doomed to a life of hateful things and situations that one must learn to love hardly seems spiritual to me these days. It seems anti-spiritual somehow.

I'm reminded that it was the Walsch Messenger's Circle board that first prompted Alice to show me The One Exercise and introduce me to The Now Exspirientuality.


Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice, the Canine Messiah

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