Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now Year Resolutions: Attracting and Creating in Real-Time

It's the Time of year when the media is abuzz with talk of Resolutions, which implies that people might be talking about them as well. One can never be certain though, that what is important to the media is important to the people. Anyway...

Most of the media talk we've encountered speaks of New Year Resolutions. New Year's Resolutions are the same Old thing: focus upon traditional ideas of undesirable behaviors - such as smoking - that one is determined to Quit; or undesirable things - such as weight - that must be Lost.

Alice, wise beyond her ears, last night suggested that I consider making Now Year Resoulutions. (There she goes throwing the extra "u" in there again, like she does in the word Absoulute.) Here's some of what she said...

You know how I feel about New things Gregory - they immediately begin to get Old. Stick with Now things. 'Nuff said...
As far as the word Resolution goes, it is directly speaking of re-solving something - coming up with a New solution to a familiar problem. This reflects the traditional human tendency to ignore Life's Opportunities, always unfolding Here Now.
As you know, Gregory, every perceived Problem can also be perceived as an Opportunity. Hence the idea of a Resoulution - a fresh perspective towards Life and it's Opportunities.
We were watching The Secret last night with some friends, and I recall the part where Esther Hicks was talking about "just looking at what is". (Esther appeared in early copies of The Secret.) She pointed out that most people just focus on what is, and so they get more of what is. And then they focus again on what is, and get more of what is.
And you wonder why things never change...
It's like looking down at your feet when you walk, Gregory. Progress this way is very very slow. Your eyes should focus where you want to go, just as you taught young motorcycle riders and racers. Remember Summit Point, where your eyes looked to the Exit of Turn 9 as you were Entering Turn 7?
And so you can move into the idea of Now Year Resoulutions, Gregory - Resoulutions that honor the Human Creative/Attractive Principles and allow you to manifest your Dreams.
It's pretty easy really. I used this approach a year and a half ago, when I chose fresh air over cigarettes. I didn't "quit". I simply choose fresh air these days. "These days" began in June of 2007, and I am pleased that I explored this Opportunity. In a sense, I am pleased that I got "my story" out of the way of "me"...
An interesting shift is that cigarettes were no longer the enemy. Cigarettes were fine with me. I just chose not to smoke one. This one. But when the craving came - that little voice, and that "taste thing" that only a cigarette can satisfy would come along, I would agree with them. I would say - sometimes aloud - "Yup! A cigarette most certainly would taste great right now! I have to agree with you. But I choose fresh air, right Now."
Perhaps when I treat a habit with respect, and don't call it names, it realigns more easily whenever I choose. This would make sense, since it is my habit...

The idea of Now Year Resoulutions also serves as reminder that This Here Now is it! The Good Thing! This Here Now moment is to be regarded with Gratitude, as a reflection of the Joy of Being.

So consider Now Year Resoulutions.

Instead of that same old pledge to "lose weight", Express your intent to Experience the Opportunity of Physical Enlightenment!!

Instead of your umpteenth attempt to "quit smoking", Express your intent to Experience Fresh Air!

Every cloud has a silver lining, and every perceived problem has an Opportunity.

Here Now.


Happy Now Year, always!!!

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

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