Monday, December 22, 2008

Instant Here and Now

An online friend I met thru Neale Donald Walsch's "Messengers Circle" last year sent an email a few days ago, forwarding a spiritual sort of thing she had received. I guess it came in the spirit of the holidays, which I must say seems more and more odd to me these days...

The writing was about "Loving What You Hate", and offered this as a method of "transformation". In fact, it claims that loving what you hate is the great transformer.

I read it a time or two, noting peculiarities such as the idea that love is the best tool available to "combat hatred".

I noted that it says hatred is very hard to overcome because it reinforces itself. This appears from the writer's view to be an advantage that hatred has over love.

Alice and I got together and responded to our friend:

Hi T,

Happy Holidays - hope you and yours are doing well!

You know, we are advocates of the idea that It's Time That Time Was Overthrown. Time is never going to get us to the good thing...

Loving what one hates seems a "long-way around" sort of idea to us these days, for it simply gives Life and longevity to the idea of hatred. It adds more Time in order for the Good Thing to arrive. It states once again that This Here Now is not the good thing - it's less than acceptable.

"Thanks God, but No Thanks! I hate This Here Now crap, God. How dare you. But (sigh...) okay. I'll pretend to act as though I 'love' this thing I hate."

By simply adopting what Alice the Canine Messiah calls An Absoulute Attitude we move into the Joy of Being, akin to that elusive "peace that passes all understanding"...

By choosing to See One Thing we move beyond the possibility of hatred, Here Now. Instantly. No Time, nor transformation, needed.

You see T, folks like to believe that Time is going to eventually get them to the Good Thing. They like to believe that This Here Now sucks, and eventually, in Time, we'll get to the Good Thing of which we Dream.

But This Here Now is precisely where we have long Dreamed of Being. Being, Here Now, is the original Dream Come True.

And Here Now, in Time, we can Experience and Express Becoming Dreams.

This is how we Experience it, these days.

We wish you Peace.

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg and Alice
Sure do miss your insight on a regular basis!
Got it, the gift is now, enjoy it and know that it never ends. Each now equals eternity and you will see it when you believe it.

Anonymous said...

hi greg & alice ,
just checked my other email do not use that one much found your emails i am a fan of neal donald walsh also i have read his books you are missed on the oprah site did you get my email about alice moonlighting with santa ? i pray your album is recognised for the brilliance it contains angel music that grounds the soul love now & always Liane