Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Audience Inclusion Tour - Raleigh

The Raleigh NC leg began yesterday afternoon. Alice and I arrived in Raleigh around 1:00, got some lunch and checked into the LaQuinta in Cary. Our first floor room was not ready, so we thanked them for having a second floor room ready for us, and I got Alice inside and comfy. I wasn't sure about taking her with me to Sunrise at North Hills, but I do wish that I would have. Today she'll go with me to the shows.

Sunrise at North Hills was a blast! The assisted living folks were having Happy Hour with wine and beer and snacks while I entertained. What a fantastic group of folks, and what a wonderful Time we had - I played for about 35 minutes. I told them a bit about the Audience Inclusion Tour and Time Overthrown. They got a big kick out of the Dooly Parton story, and they were singing along on Jolene. I have the washboard with me - I think today I'll take it into the shows with me.

I headed down the hall at Sunrise of North Hills and played for 35 minutes in the Reminisces section, for the Alzheimer's folks. This was unbelievable. The 2 ladies working in that section were so sweet, so full of Life and fun - we had an absoulute blast! They were clapping and carrying on, getting the residents dancing, clapping and singing. I thought they might get worn out, they danced to nearly every song!

I have the most incredible existence, I gotta tell ya! I'm so grateful for my Life, and my friends and family.

Today we visit Brighton Gardens and the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmentally Disabled. I'm looking forward to both shows. The folks at Tammy Lynn are really geared up for the event - I've gotten email from them every day sinmce we arranged the show!

Peace y'all!

Greg and Alice

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