Friday, June 13, 2008

Pinkies Out Liberalism

Pinkies out liberalism...

That's the phrase the editor of the C-ville used regarding the town of C-ville in this week's issue She was writing about the closing of a privately run homeless shelter that the city forced. Said she is tired of C-ville's pinkies out liberalism.

I wrote to say that she could count me in - only in my case, I have had enough from C-ville musicians and their inability to find Time in ten years for the first Community Venue audience. Ten years, not one hour. I've offered pay, promotion, and more. I've found crazy ways to get folks like Billy Joel, Dolly Parton and REM/Athens involved to help fundraise. But very few have found even one hour, in ten years of Opportunity. Nor has community support in general been impressive. Very few folks or businesses in our community consider seniors and "challenged" folks to be worthy of much attention, consideration or concern.

Most certainly we cannot consider them equals, as in Golden Rule sort of equals... The Golden Rule is just one of those things we know about and vaguely advocate, then sigh and comment on how sad it is that we cannot Live from It's perspective Now.

It's sort of amusing, considering that C-ville is supposed to be some big haven for folks to retire to and grow old in...

Editor Ms. Harding wants the city of C-ville to walk the walk, as homelessness is on the rise. She wants them to do something, Now. Not just jabber on and on about the problem/Opportunity and never get 'round to addressing it.

Alice and I have been wondering for awhile why C-ville musicians won't live the lyrics they write, lyrics of getting along, caring and sharing. The senior population is on the rise, and the population of developmentally challenged folks and kids at places like Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center are not dwindling, to my knowledge. Community Venue audiences abound in a town with a small handful of traditional venues.

Of course we know why - same reason C-ville's populace won't get off it's ass and do something substantive for homeless people. They believe that Time will take them from where they were, through the undesirability of the moment, to a place where finally things are made right and all is well. But that will always be later. For now, we have other things to study, or tend to, or become. Later we can actually experience this ideal of which we speak.

Likewise the musicians believe they were not musicians in the past, and really aren't successful musicians yet, but one day when they are successful musicians they will indeed have Time for these audiences.

The truth is, stereotype. These audiences, like homeless people, are considered to be charity cases. Not equals. Not brethren.

Anyway, thanks to Editor Ms. Harding for her cool phrase pinkies out liberalism. I picture a horde of C-ville love and peace musicians strumming away with visions of DMB-hood dancing in their heads, and their pinkies held out, just so...

You should see the van - Alice's pic plastered all over the back of it! Got the windows tinted so we can go travelin' down south. Goin' for a remote start/security system so I can leave it running with A/C on if need be...

Peace y'all,


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