Sunday, June 29, 2008

Socks and Tiptoes

It just struck me.

I was responding to someone at the Oprah board who said that they are waking up, and their friends are not awakening.

I was reminded of childhood vacations at Va Beach, in a huge house full of people - three or four families.

And some mornings I would wake up, and everyone else would still be sleeping.

And I would smile as I looked at them, and feel that warm feeling in my heart.

And I would think of how much fun we will be having when they wake up too.


I would put on my socks, and very very quietly tiptoe out of the room, and allow them to sleep, and dream, and wake up when they were ready, and then come play with me.

I would never ever start hollering things like "Hey. Yo! I am awake now! You all better wake the heck up right NOW and come play with me"...

Suddenly I feel a bit silly.

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