Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Audience Inclusion Tour - Raleigh Day 2

Alice was a huge hit!

We started the day at Brighton Gardens of Raleigh where Alice received a warm welcome. The receptionist at Brighton Gardens is named Alice, so when I told her my dog's name was Alice she said "She better be cute." The ladies were all laughing when Alice told them the dog's name was Alice.

Well, then the princess made her entrance... Within minutes Miss Alice the receptionist is bopping around telling everyone proudly "Her name is Alice." :^)

I brought her soft crate in and set her up next to my performance spot, and we launched into a great show. The folks were wonderful, as was the show.

The afternoon affair was at Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities. They had graduation that morning, so I was afforded the honor of playing for an audience of graduates! The children were fantastic - sweet, quiet, and most clearly having fun. A few went to sleep, which is always a good sign to me. We started with about 8 kids and staff, and when we were finished the crowd was easily 25 or 30.

It's so much fun to think back on the songs I chose, and how they went over. REM's Fall on Me worked well, as usual, and I even had a request for another REM song toward the end. I saved It's the End of the World As We Know It for the next to last number. Jolene had 'em singing along, and I Will Survive - the disco classic - had some feet tapping and shuffling, and more singing along.

I am so fortunate. I love my Life. I love Alice.

Dance In the Moment,


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