Friday, November 2, 2007

Zoe Mulford

Last night Zoe Mulford, a wonderful singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK performed at The Colonnades for a group of seniors in Assisted Living. It was magical.

Zoe plays banjo and guitar, presenting her songs with a wonderfully rich voice. She is from the States, but living in the UK now. During this tour she is traveling with her mother acting as manager-roadie, keeping them straight on where and when to be.

We spent a good 45 minutes after the show talking to the seniors. Zoe was so very gracious, patient and warm. She gave every minute that those folks requested of her. Listening, Smiling, Laughing.

We went to dinner afterwards and I once again learned what an incredible experience this is for seasoned musicians. Zoe and her mom could not stop talking about what a wonderful group it was, and how it seemed to have been Zoe's best performance of this tour! They asked about SongSharing and my motivation, and experiences I'd had, and that sort of thing. I recall telling them that I finally understood why these performances mean so much to me, and why I think they instantly struck folks like Zoe. I said something along the lines of "It's because people are a Gift to US. We are not doing them a favor with our music and our sharing. They are Our Favor! They are an opportunity for us to share The Gift of Love that we know we have been Gifted. And the Sharing is the most powerful Experience of that very Love. I've discovered that this is THE simple thing that Life is about."

We agreed that this was akin to Life's Simple Secret, and then Zoe gave me a copy of her wonderful CD called Roadside Saints. I gave her a copy of my soon-to-be-released CD, and SongSharing's Studio Series CD.

Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is but a Dream...

Dance In the Moment,

Greg - and you can listen to some songs at (I really like "Nobody Knocking" and "Elegy: Crystal Glasses")

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