Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Gift Identity

I Am The Gift.

The Gift is Infinite, Eternal, Absolute Love. - Love with No Other Side.

Keep It Simple.

Know that You Are The Gift, and that The Gift is Absolute Love.

Absolute Love is Eternal, Infinite.

An Awakened Life is about Living the Gift, Being the Gift, Giving the Gift in one's own unique way.

One Thus Has the Opportunity to Live Life as The Gift That Keeps On Giving, in a multitude of wonderful ways.


The Gift is Love.

I Am Love.

Expressed In the Manner I Choose.

A Unique Individuation of Absolute Love.

Keep It Simple.

The Gift is Love.

The How is Up to Me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amen, Greg. We are all individuated parts of the whole--divine expressions made in God's image. When an expanding consciousness--self becoming--is in alignment with who the self is choosing to be, then true joy and bliss is attained. We only need Be who we truly are to be the Gift.

Love and peace,