Thursday, November 29, 2007

Exchanging Gifts


I have been reflecting on the idea of Exchanging Gifts - the gifts we are given and bring to Life.

There are a variety of different "currencies", things or forms of value, that we spend a lifetime exchanging our gifts for.

Most of us focus on cash currency to a large degree, and vaguely dream that "everything" we do will have cash currency attached to it, and a great deal of it. Then we can exchange it perhaps for other forms of value that reward us in other ways.

As a musician, I have realized that the primary currency that motivates my musical and non-profit professional endeavors is what I now call Transcendent Experience Currency (tm). Musicians hope to have that experience where the self and other melt away and the One is experienced, lived. Musicians hang their heart and soul very plainly out there for the audience to do with as they will. So they tell me, and I know I do.

Clearly the primary motivator would seem to be rewarding Currency.

For the last dozen years I have put Transcendent Spiritual Currency as a necessary factor in all of my musical and SongSharing endeavors. I was doing it rather unaware, and the other day a musical friend showed me that I have come to be able to create musical situations where all of the elements necessary for the possibility of that experience are present, and the experience is there for the taking.

"That is valuable to musicians", he said.

Of course, all of us hang our souls out there - not just musicians or artists. Every single one of us. The message is - be sure to create situations where Soul Currency stands the best chance of being earned. If caring for pets, flowers, and/or human beings brings you deep Joy, gobs of Spiritual Currency, then do those things. Monetary Currency WILL follow.

That is my experience, and the possibilities are magnified and multiplied these days...

Dance In the Moment,

Greg Allen - and Alice!

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