Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Acceptance and Apathy

I told my friend I accepted the world the way it is, and they said "How can you say that? There is so much that needs to be fixed in our world."

So I said to my friend...

You know what - in a beautifully dreamy sense something truly does "need" to happen in our world. But it is a "waking up" that needs to happen. That is what many of us dream, and have been dreaming all along. It is why we came. It is the dream we brought with us.

I can totally relate to that strong "need to wake them up" tug inside my heart.

But remember, the world may be asleep, but it is not broken. It needs not fixed.

Once Awake, it is gloriously mine to do my part of the gentle waking up, and ALLOW the rest of the waking up to happen.

It is mine to ACCEPT that God is not slacking off; indeed, once I awaken I know God has never ever been slacking! And it is mine to enjoy God's work as I do mine and whenever I rest from mine.

Rest is acceptable, and perhaps even more crucial when doing God-work.

Remember in CwG?**: "Your soul's purpose is to wake you up. God's purpose is to wake everyone else up."

In that sense, you and I are NOT God - we do NOT have to wake everyone else up.

Primarily ourselves. Once Awake, we do not (it is unthinkable in the most beautiful sense) just say "Hey this is cool - thanks Soul. Hey, keep up the good work God" and then be all lazy and not help wake folks up.

Waking our friends up IS big in the dream. It IS the dream perhaps.

Once Awake, we know our role and how we interact and co-create with God; that we are to lighten up on ourselves, and in so doing, lighten up the path for others. The beacon unto others idea.

Don't you see? Going into the holidays with any sort of "dragging down" idea about the world is counterproductive to God's work, and ignores the very sacrifice Jesus made. It is counterproductive to the co-creation of the Holiday Spirit!!

It ignores and minimizes the spot that awaits each of us "basking in the glow of the AWARENESS of our part of God's work."

Basking in that glow, one still empathizes with the needy and have-nots, but it is all good. Every time I "check with God", it is all good as it is, and even better that we are working together to wake others up.

Even those who want to keep napping.

Enjoy the day folks - enjoy the holidays, whatever you call them.

Enjoy, for your own sake.


**CwG refers to one of Neale Donald Walsch's books called Conversations with God - Neale has a wonderful series of books that I highly recommend.

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