Friday, November 30, 2007

Can the Law of Attraction Repel?

The Law of Attraction (L of A) is a hot topic these days. I frequent the Conversations with God web forum known as The Messenger’s Circle, and it is an extremely hot topic. It is also a well-misunderstood and sorely overanalyzed one.

First and foremost, the word Law is misunderstood. The Law of Attraction came after the fact. It does not determine how things are caused.

A Law such as the L of A simply clarifies a consistent observation. You do something over and over and get the same, describable result, and you can call it a Law. This is not a big deal, but it is a truth. As we know trees stayed put and apples did not fall into the sky long before Newton described the Law of Gravity. The Law is secondary to and subservient to the Observed.

Hence, the possibility for so many beautiful exceptions… ;^)

The idea of any Spiritual or Self-help principle is, for me at least, the experience of it. I understand the L of A to produce desirable results, and that is my experiential goal – the “right” results. Thus it strikes me as odd that the L of A has become such an incredible cause for discussion and concern over just “how” to actually “do it”. There is a great fear of “doing it” wrong and attracting undesirable results even as we repel the desirable ones. As though it were some big magnet that we could turn 'round the wrong way and pull the devil right into our living room.

There is an infinitely greater amount of talk about this fear, and how well justified it is, and how to avoid the "repulsive side" of this L of A.

It is worthy now to recall that the L of A is purported to be an Absolute Principle, a Universal Law. It should thus strike one as odd that it is then immediately considered to have Relative Opposites – “good” and “bad” results, and should thus be thoroughly understood prior to actually giving it a whirl.

Like dynamite, there are a great many books to read and movies to see and seminars to attend and classes to go thru and tests to take prior to actually messing with the stuff and blowing something up. L of A is like that – you could blow your Life up…

Sadly, this widely held idea is a harmful point of view that basically ignores the fact that Absolute Principles do not have Relative Opposites of any sort.


Keep the Principle Simple.

In Richard Bach’s wonderful short book Illusions, he is encouraged to attract something into his life, as he and the “Messiah” character Don Shimoda, are talking. “Keep it simple” says Shimoda. “Nothing fancy or too big at first.”

“Okay. A blue feather.”

Shimoda then evokes from Bach a brief but clear description of the blue feather being visualized, and they go on about their day. Soon enough the two are having coffee and the waitress sets down a creamer carton and there in the artwork is a blue feather, part of the milk company’s logo!

That’s L of A. Simple. I hear your argument – “Oh for crying out loud. He used that creamer fifty times and never noticed the silly feather. Then he noticed. So what?”

Precisely. Good point. One of two that are missed.

1) It IS that simple – the "blue feathers" - the things we desire to bring into our lives - are everywhere, we just do not notice them because we have claimed no commitment to bringing them into our lives - we have yet to state that they are of interest or concern to us. Until we state clearly that they are, perhaps they are not, Intentionally speaking? Hmmm…

This means that our “dream Life” is right there as well, every aspect of it everywhere. We just do not notice it because we have not stated clearly what our dream is; our vision.

If I ask you to jot down something about bringing a blue feather into your life, you would oblige me for it would take but a couple minutes. Yet I bet a nickel most of us could not in a few minutes even clearly summarize a well stated, well thought description of our “Perfect Life” – heck, how about even a day in our “Perfect Life”?

Could you do it? Have you done it? Is it in clear simple actionable terms of What It Is? (Not “What It Might Be”, or “What It Would Not Be”)

2) Describe and Document YOUR Vision. Your Statement simply must be made. In writing. In a format that allows Evolution through updating as you go; as needed.

Computer is nice for evolution, and can be printed and posted/reviewed. It can be well-honed by reading it aloud until it makes sense to you, and "speaks easily" from you…

a) be clear – razor-clear, electron micro-clear, Hubble-clear

b) remember that the basics, compounded, result in the “bigger experiences”

c) Come from the simple basics always, as you dream beyond grand!!

d) Come from the simple basics always, but do not confuse this with thinking small. Apply the basics to doing dishes as you do to your craft, and your caring for, and your loving, and your living... Baseball hitters practice the basics endlessly, moreso than hitting home runs. They know that home runs come from brilliant, consistent execution of the basics.


And now you ask “Alice, what are the simple basics?”

Indeed, these are something you can and perhaps "should" determine as you go – they will likely come to you as you write and read aloud and ponder that which you are Describing and Documenting. They are already there, waiting to be nudged.

We encourage you to begin by Describing and Documenting your “blue feather” – that small thing you are going to attract into your Awareness. Describe several of the feathers you dream about. Soon enough we can describe the birds, and how they fly, and where...

I hope you’ll share something here about your "blue feathers"!

Dance In the Moment,

alice & greg
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