Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Exercise

Alice pointed out the other day that The Exercise is perfect for folks who are ready to gain a better understanding of the popular idea of Living In the Now, or from a Place of Greater Presence.

The popular spiritual / self-help notion is one of letting go of the traditional "ego-sense" of who one is and quieting the mind chatter about what is being observed. Eckhart Tolle's wonderful book The Power of Now elaborated the idea beautifully, and his recent work A New Earth is about realizing the benefits of this Now state of mind in one's phenomenal Life.

The Exercise is thus perfect, for it is precisely about discarding one's small idea of what a self is, and adopting the Unifying Perspective of Seeing Only the Grand, Glorious and Mysterious Self of the Universe. In fact, it instantly points to one's receptiveness to the idea of, uh..., well, receptiveness. If one is not ready to give up one's small idea of personal identity for one's self as well as the others in one's world, well, then, one clearly is not ready to live the message of these powerful "Now" philosophies.

It's been frustrating to me to encounter the resistance I have to The Exercise from folks who claim to "get" the message of books like the above, as well as works like Walsch's Conversations with God. Alice pointed out though that these folks are defining themselves as resistant to what is, and need not be argued with. They will see when they are ready to see and not one second before. As Alice says...

Anyone that chooses to continue with a perspective that divides what they see into more than One Thing, One Self, is making a deliberate Creative choice about Being - their Very Existence and Life Experience. It is an easy choice to See Only The Self - to Live from a perspective of gratitude and wonder that sees the world through an Active Unifying Vision - for the idea that "what you see is what you get" is actively true. Human eyes are projectors of their most consciously known truth. They both Express and Experience from their unique seat in the Creative Studio/Gallery of the Universe.

We're trying to pull our first book together to have to a publisher by the end of the month.... It occurred to me why I was holding back - I get it Now - it's truly a Self-Help book - nothing to do with Other, or That There Later. They don't exist...

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

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