Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Collective Insanity

The Collective Insanity is quite simply looking out and seeing a Collection of Independent Things.

Thus it is like all Self-Help topics and concepts, it is a Phenomenon of the Self, and not the illusory many.

There is nothing that Other needs to do. There is No Other.

The only way to rid OurSelf of this Collective Insanity is with a Unifying Vision that recognizes The One Self, through OneSelf. In concert with OneSelf.

It's to look out, with The One Self, and See Only The One Self. To proceed with gratitude and wonder, and not a need to keep telling me I am an idiot that needs to explain this a bit better, or that I am some haughty spiritual guy who implies I am more advanced.

Stop demanding proof.

Celebrate as though This is the Garden, and you appreciate it.

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