Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time is a Choice

Dear sleepwalking Charlottesville musicians,

I do love you, but you're acting sort of asleep - no, actually, you're acting in a terribly discriminatory fashion.

Time is a choice.

For ten years most of you have been telling me you do not have Time to play in Community Venues.

Yes, you do.

Please stop discriminating against these audiences. It's very unbecoming of you.

It also explains to me why the traditional music business model is sucking wind right now.

I've been hearing people sing beautiful ideas from a place of inaction for 50 years. Thousands of you. Peace, love, get along. Share, care. Now, not later.

Now, you're doing it. Please...


Live the lyrics.

Stop discriminating against old people, retarded people, sick children, and anyone that cannot drive a BMW to the club and buy a designer beer.

You really look and sound pretty stupid with your lame excuses.

I am just telling you this because I like you - it's like having a little booger at the end of your nose, and no one will tell you...

I'm telling you.

Time is a choice.

You have Time. In fact, you CREATE Time. You didn't know that, did you?

If you need some help with creating Time, let me know. I'm a shaman.

Best of Now, Always,

Greg & Alice

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