Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sing the World Unified

I can
Sing about Changing the World,
or I can
Change the World with the Song of My
Alice once pointed out to me that I was affecting the world
with every song I sang, whether I was aware of that or not. The important question, she said, is
"How are you affecting it?" Are you
influencing it with Belief that your Life Dreams are Dreams of Now, or Dreams of Later?"
"You can't have future visions," she added. "You can
only think they are."
Last fall I joined an association dedicated to something they call "positive music". A group of Virginia members are now planning a concert near me, in Charlottesville, where SongSharing was born.
When we had a meeting about this a month or so ago, I suggested that members might want to do some SongSharing Community Venue shows in association with this "positive" show, regardless of where it took place. I mentioned the positivity in action aspect, the live the lyrics aspect, as well as the added media appeal. The idea never got mentioned in the announcement made by the association later that week, as I am fairly certain the Virginia members did not pass it along. They did however pass along some misinformation, which I asked to have corrected in future.
I wrote to these Va. members several days ago when a confirmation of venue came through for the May Charlottesville show. I asked if anyone would be interested in arriving one-hour earlier than planned and doing a brief Community Venue show. One hour.
It's been 3 days. No responses. No questions. No acknowledgements.
From the new CD, It's Time That Time Was Overthrown, I am reminded of
One Choice Thing
When I said this before, somebody called it cliché
but there’s one choice thing about love I come to relate
Well all I can do is all I can do, & it’s all that I could have done then
if love’s the end I desire, isn’t it the begin?

There’s one choice thing about – peace that I came to suggest
But whenever I do, the fighters are put to the test
The best I can tell you is all I can do – basic. simple. clear.
if peace is what I would have, I won’t start a war.

There’s one choice thing about – changing the world I can say
But whenever I do, blame gets in the way
Well all I can sing is all I can say, & all I can play is my part
if change is the end that I would have, maybe it’s also the start

There’s one choice thing about – god I was charged to remind
But whenever I do, ideas go on trial
Well all I can do is all I can do, God knows I continue to try
if god’s the track I am on, is belief the train I should ride?

There’s one more thing about – love I come to share
But whenever I do, I wonder what do they hear?
Well all I can sing is all I can say, I’ll probly sing it again
if love’s the end I desire, doesn’t that make it the means?
if love’s the end I desire, isn’t it the begin?
if love’s the end We desire…
It's so easy. So easy to change the world right Now, as we sing about it. I wrote to someone the other day that Our Life is our "Show Me" answer to the question "How would humans act in Your pefect world?" It's the "put Your money where Your mouth is answer". It's our chance to Walk It, to Live the Lyrics.
That's what the Now Exspirientuality(tm) is about - simply creating/having the spiritual experience, Now.
I'll try to remember to keep you posted on what the Pozzers decide... I'll likely not be part of the show if no one will participate in SongSharing shows. It just doesn't feel right anymore.
Talking the talk is fine, it's good stuff. But it is the same old long way 'round that humanity has been taking down a self-destructive path. Many institutions have been talking the talk of humanity changing behavior for centuries, millenia.
The problem with every one of these approaches is that they are Other-focused - talking and singing about what a great place the world will be when Others - listeners I guess - begin to do things differently.
The spiritual seeker movement, and new age, and new thought, and new spirituality, and all of these rapidly soundling like the same old thing disciplines are Other focused.
Funny, to me, considering they speak and sing to ideas like Unity, One-ness, the Absolute.
Funny, they even believe they are singing and speaking to Others.
In the "who gives a musical hoot what I think" category, here's One word of experiential advice to them, and any musician - the traditional music model is suffering because it is about talk, not walk. It's about later, not now. It's about business, not music. It's about audience discrimination.
There is no later, kids. Poets should know that.
And frankly, there really is no talk. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are walking our walk right now. What are You walking? A Life of Later or a Life of Now?
A Life of Love with No Other Side, or one where Love has positive and negative sides, speculative sides and actual sides?
Please, if you're a singer, bring Your Dream to Life's Stage through the Song of Your Life, Now. Artists, Paint It! Dancers, Dance It! You get the idea...
Wishing you the best of Now, Always!
Greg, and Alice the Canine Messiah

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