Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wow... the day in court

This morning we went to traffic court as a witness for the State Trooper in the matter of the gentleman that ran a red light in Ruckersville and almost creamed Alice and I.

I caught the whole thing on video, and brought the DVD with me. It clearly shows the gentleman at speed - the rough math yields 41 miles an hour. The guy continued across the intersection, applied brakes, skidded a good distance and then CREAMED a cable box and came to rest against a telephone pole. He flattened one or two of his tires and his airbags deployed.

He clearly had not been stopped at the light before he ran it. He was traveling near highway speed, which is 45 in that zone.

Two gents in a car behind me saw the whole thing, and stopped the day of accident. They came and testified that the gentleman clearly had not stopped before entering the intersection.

Then the gentleman - not sure why I keep calling him that - lied to the judge and said he had been stopped before entering the intersection. He admitted that he did not look at the light to see if it was green. He lied and said he checked both ways and saw a clear intersection.

The judge proceeded to reduce the charge, based on the chap's outright lie.

In total disregard of all of the evidence and testimony we presented.

God, I love the American idea of "justice".

I hope this lying fellow does not kill someone with any future inattentive driving.

Nice way to accept responsibility for your actions, dude.



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