Monday, August 3, 2009

Being Positive

It seems that many humans perceive their world as generally negative, and are thus seeking practical ways to respond positively to it, or positively influence it.

Alice points out that the only way to "be positive in a negative world" is to do negative things. It follows the mathematical idea that when faced with a negative you must multiply it by a negative if you wish to obtain a positive result.

Practically speaking this plays out in the human tendency to oppose things they see as negative. For example we have the war on cancer, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, and so forth. I know some folks waging war on Sarah Palin through their active opposition to her very existence it seems.


There is of course the option of acceptance and tolerance, which yields a positive world immediately - precisely because it sets the stage with a positive world. It sets the stage wherein one begins by practiving the very tolerance they like to scream about and fight for...

The need for any steps to "be positive in a positive world" would seem a bit silly, eh?

Best of Now, always,

Greg and Alice the Canine Messiah

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